46 & Mercy – Xmas Redemption!

We promised it, and the time has come for an all-new 46 & Mercy cocktail menu!
Think bespoke. Think Christmas parties. Think cool kids making cool drinks for you.
Scratch that last part.

But honestly, these drinks are pretty cool and they sure do pack a punch! The favorites are still available like our ever-popular Smokey Gonzales – a, you guessed it, smokey twist on a Tommy’s Margarita. Those summer-lovin’ even in the winter-types can still grab their little piece of the beach Passion Smash, but what’s really coming through this winter are the brand-new additions: Amalfi Margarita, Alphonso Collins, Iced Tea Party and a Lychee Fizz! We may even have a nice, hot cocktail in the works for those cravin’ a brandy-based break from the bitter cold outside.

But being a BBQ-based eatery and 46 & Mercy right downstairs, we do value a good old whiskey, thus the Iced Tea Party was born. Packed full of bourbon and peach, we can guarantee this drink is sure to have you partying all night long – and what better time than Christmas?

Not in the mood for the bourbon? Want something a bit sweeter? We have just the thing – the Lychee Fizz. Made with gin, lychee, lemon, brown sugar and topped with prosecco, it really offers a much-needed break from the rain! Now I know you’re thinking, “These cocktails aren’t very Christmassy!” But that’s the point! We don’t want to bring the downcast into the bar! We want to keep it cheerful and summery because let’s face it, the summer this year just was not long enough. And if you want peppermint, all you really need to do is go to a Spoons, but who honestly wants that?